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Middleware Integration

Middleware Integration
Telcos worldwide use a multitude of solutions to provide competitive value added services to their subscribers and almost all are built upon heterogeneous platforms. Integrating or enabling a communication between these heterogeneous systems is a must. We have enabled many industry leaders to integrate their diverse systems using open source middleware platforms and what follows is a list of technologies used.
J2EE tools and frame works
  • Open source tools, servers and frameworks 
  • Apache Tomcat and Jboss servers 
  • Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JavaFX Frameworks 
  • EJB, JPA, JSF, JMX, JMS technologies


  • Spring Frameworks 
  • Tomcat, JBoss 
  • Ant Junit 
  • JSF Struts, JSP Servlets 
  • Hibernate JDBC, JPA, EJB


XML/Web Services

  • Apache Xerces, Xalan, Xpath
  • JDOM 
  • Apache Axis