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Have you ever felt that deploying a system to take care of HR and Time tracking functions in your organization would bring in a host of benefits but had concerns of the possible need to change your existing infrastructure to accommodate it?

Have you ever felt that purchasing a system to take care of your HR activities together with all other systems that's currently running would overload your limited IT staff?

Ever felt the burning need to purchase a state-of-the-art HR solution and a time tracking for your organization but not had a budget to purchase it?
Keeping all these in mind, hSenid has on offer a hassle free, state-of-the-art HR solutions and Time tracking solutions which your IT staff wouldn't have to waste any time on and all of this for an affordable monthly rental. hSenid SaaS Solution concept is specially designed to minimize the workload of the client in carrying out day-to-day operations and to make life easy for HR staff as well as system administrators. The solution works on a monthly rental basis which is calculated according to the number of modules used and the amount of users registered with the system. Only requirement on the client's side is internet connectivity and Internet Explorer web browser to use the many features offered by the solution.
Ruby on Rails Development
At hSenid Outsourcing, we are passionate about Ruby on Rails (RoR) development. Our team of Ruby on Rails developers and designers are experts in building simple, easy-to-use web apps using the RoR framework within the shortest possible time frames. Our competencies in the agility-driven RoR framework help us deliver sustainable and quality solutions to clients. Our Skilled and experienced team of RoR developers are capable of delivering Highly interactive, rich Internet, database-backed web apps, Leveraging the power and flexibility offered by Ruby's object-oriented language. Our teams build apps in a faster and simpler manner, thereby greatly reducing TCOs and time-to-market periods.

Ruby on Rails framework is optimized to improve developer productivity. It uses several advanced programming concepts to help developer build a spectrum of rich web apps within half than the usual development timeframes. Above all, RoR offers developers with an array of benefits such as:

Supports Agile development mode Consistent, simple object-oriented language with Perl & Python support Runs on any web server with CGI or Fast CGI MVC architecture to synchronize app programming Uses advanced principles: Convention over Configuration (CoC) & DRY Ideal for rapid app development within shortest timeframes Integrated support for databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc.

Our intelligence in the niche domain on RoR, with Easy customization, quicker development & deployment and Competitive pricing & short turnaround times helps us deliver valuable, cost-effective Rails consulting to our clients.
PHP Development
hSenid Outsourcing’s PHP web development services cater to the needs of global organizations that strive toward achieving specific business goals. Our PHP web development service is quantifiable, integrative, robust and supports web standards that meet global demands, making it the perfect platform to develop and deploy modern web stuff.
PHP Web Development Expertises Include
    • Portal PHP Web Development

    • Web portal solutions development (community portals, social networking sites, auction portals, corporate web sites Image/Video gallery web sites) based on either open Source or our hand coding ground-works

    • Online stores, booking and e-commerce web-systems

    • Portals for web communities, social bookmarking and blogging web systems

    • Rapid PHP web development

    • Localization services

  • Our highly efficient PHP developers/professionals create complex, enterprise-class web products and assist you in evaluating your PHP web requirements through elaborate assessment processes, analyzing your current strategies along with online business goals.
    Hire our PHP developer or developers to attend to all your simple to complex web development requirements. We make web business a safe place to connect to your customers in cost-effective ways. hSenid Outsourcing offers multiple web development packages for customers. You can hire a single PHP developer as a dedicated resource or hire a team of PHP developers, depending on the scope of your project. Our onsite & offshore PHP development teams are customized to meet your requirements within shortest possible time frames.

    Cloud Computing

    Java technology has become the essential ingredient of the digital experience for hundreds of millions of people in all walks of life, all over the planet. hSenid with its mobile wing, hSenid Mobile Solutions has over a decade of experience in providing mobile solutions based on this most pervasive technology to leading telcos, financial institutes and other enterprises world wide. Experience, exposure and knowledge gained over the years have made us pros in Java and all Java related technologies. Furthermore, our team of specialists constantly and proactively tracks the technology changes to provide effective IT solutions to our valued customers.

    J2EE tools and frame works

    [list class="bullet-2"][li]Open source tools, servers and frameworks[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Apache Tomcat and Jboss servers[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JavaFX Frameworks[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]EJB, JPA, JSF, JMX, JMS technologies[/list][/li]


    [list class="bullet-2"][li]Spring Frameworks[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Tomcat, JBoss[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Ant Junit[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]JSF Struts, JSP Servlets[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Hibernate JDBC, JPA, EJB[/list][/li]

    XML/Web Services

    [list class="bullet-2"][li]Apache Xerces, Xalan, Xpath[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]JDOM[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Apache Axis[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]JAXP, JAXB[/list][/li]
    .NET Development
    hSenid Outsourcing has put together an extensive competency in providing Microsoft .NET solutions and .NET application development services. hSenid Outsourcing is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has a team of qualified .NET consultants, offering .NET consulting along with custom ASP.NET application development, .NET programming, etc. Our extensive experience combined with expertise in application development permit us to provide you the most robust solutions, at high quality levels and at competitive prices.
    .NET development team has a wide range of proficiency in
    •   .NET Web Application Development (ASP.NET with C#, ASP.NET with VB.NET)
    •   .NET Desktop Application Development (C#, VB.NET)
    •   .NET Mobile Application Development (.NET Compact Framework, C#, VB.NET)
    •   .NET applications Customization.
    •   .NET Development Consulting services
    •   .NET SaaS Applications
    •   Data management solutions
    •   Application Migration Services
    Finding a team of dedicated .NET development team could be a struggling task. hSenid Outsourcing can help you with its topnotch .NET developers. Our .NET team offers application solutions that are business-specific catering solutions to clients' irrespective of their business size. We develop, maintain and manage applications in a risk-free and secure method that ensure consistent quality levels and unfailing performance ratios.

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