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Cloud Computing

Java technology has become the essential ingredient of the digital experience for hundreds of millions of people in all walks of life, all over the planet. hSenid with its mobile wing, hSenid Mobile Solutions has over a decade of experience in providing mobile solutions based on this most pervasive technology to leading telcos, financial institutes and other enterprises world wide. Experience, exposure and knowledge gained over the years have made us pros in Java and all Java related technologies. Furthermore, our team of specialists constantly and proactively tracks the technology changes to provide effective IT solutions to our valued customers.

J2EE tools and frame works

[list class="bullet-2"][li]Open source tools, servers and frameworks[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Apache Tomcat and Jboss servers[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Spring, Hibernate, JSF, JavaFX Frameworks[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]EJB, JPA, JSF, JMX, JMS technologies[/list][/li]


[list class="bullet-2"][li]Spring Frameworks[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Tomcat, JBoss[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Ant Junit[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]JSF Struts, JSP Servlets[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Hibernate JDBC, JPA, EJB[/list][/li]

XML/Web Services

[list class="bullet-2"][li]Apache Xerces, Xalan, Xpath[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]JDOM[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]Apache Axis[/list][/li] [list class="bullet-2"][li]JAXP, JAXB[/list][/li]