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2nd - 4th December 2009
e-Asia 2009
hSenid Software International, a proven leader in the software industry in Sri Lanka, will participate in Asia's premier ICT event which takes place in Sri Lanka from the 2nd - 4th December 2009. e-Asia 2009, is the annual international Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for development event with the objective of reinforcing technology and knowledge-centric growth and needs of Asia vis- à -vis Sri Lanka, through capitalization of market economy and boosting human development.
e-Asia 2009 - Opportunities for Digital Asia will provide the right opportunity for all stakeholders in the ICT arena to come closer and share a level-playing ground through active conferencing and networking. Spanning over three days, the event will comprise unique thematically inter-related conferences, in the domains of e-Governance, Digital Learning, e-Health, Telecentres and Emerging e-Technologies