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hSenid Outsourcing together with its mobile wing, hSenid Mobile Solutions has over a decade of experience in providing Java based mobile solutions to leading telcos, financial institutes and other enterprises worldwide. This experience, exposure and knowledge have made us professionals in Java and all Java related technologies. Our extensive knowledge and expertise will enable us to help you in advising and/or taking on projects for you.
Architecting high availability & high performance systems
Our experts will use proven methodologies and apply organizational and technological best practices, to achieve the highest reliability possible for your system. Experience in all latest open source technologies such as Hibernate, Spring, Apache frameworks etc will further guarantee, high availability and high performance for your system.
Development & implementation
Our engineers can develop & implement Java based solutions that would meet your industry specific or company specific requirements.
We offer a full range of consulting services and our consultants will guide you every step of the way. Whether you are starting a new project, needing to optimize an existing Java based application, or migrating existing system using commercial products to open source technology, our Java certified consultants will help you deliver on-time and within budgets. We will evaluate and recommend various open source software alternatives at every level of the stack such as OS, Application Servers, Development Frameworks and Databases to provide you with best solution.
System Integration.
Our Java specialists with an extremely good track record in system integration have enabled many industry leaders to integrate their heterogeneous systems using open source middleware platforms.
Support & Professional Services.
A full range of support options are available to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated support engineers are ready to assist you in the deployment management and day to day trouble shooting of Java based applications 24/7.